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Integrity and Compassion in Patient Care

Safety & Privacy

Sky Trac Automatic Flight Following System

All aircraft are equipped with Sky Trac ISAT-200 Automatic Flight Following System using Flight Explorer as a flight tracking system. This system tracks aircraft in real time direct from the Air Traffic Control System (ATC) and supports voice communication anywhere in the world.

Communications and Reporting

Providence Air Ambulance understands the importance of clear and consistent communication.

Our operations team will be in constant contact with Assistance companies, health care providers and patient family members providing timely and informative status updates throughout each and every repatriation.

Utilizing GPS, satellite and geo-fencing technology to assist in tracking our aircraft and medical teams, Providence Air Ambulance is able to provide precise reporting within minutes of a request.

Information Collection and Access

An important aspect of air ambulance work is the tracking of patient care. A combination of paper and electronic forms and documents are used to record and save information that becomes an important part of the patient repatriation process, and provides the receiving medical facility with vital patient care history.

Utilizing the latest remote desktop server (RDS) technology, our centralized computing system allows directors and authorized staff members to access vital data from anywhere in the world. Data such as files, forms, documents, and records are accessible whenever necessary.

Providence Air Ambulance is entrusted with patient care details that must remain private. We have taken great care to consult with information technology specialists who have worked with us to develop a system that ensures that only authorized personnel have access to private information.

Information storage

An integral part of our information security system relates to how and where our information is stored. Providence Air Ambulance has engaged CUBE Global Storage Ltd. to securely house the server, and provide datacentre facilities, and business continuity services (should that be necessary).

CUBE Global Storage Ltd. is a provincially regulated business, and a business that services a number of public sector agencies. CUBE is compliant with all aspects of both the British Columbia Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), and includes these requirements as part of their Information Security Policy.

As CUBE is the trusted custodian for a large number of organizations who must be compliant with PIPA/FIPPA, it is the default standard to which CUBE adheres. CUBE is also familiar with the requirements of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). They also work with Providence Air Ambulance to ensure that any data entrusted to CUBE is handled in a manner compliant with any other obligations.